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The police could not predict who the next victim would be, especially when there were thousands of prostitutes in Whitechapel, the majority of them unrecorded. There are some similarities, as discussed above, between the descriptions, but the points of contention are greater.

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She had a lot of injuries in her face and her left kidney removed. It is quite objective and informative, merely stating observational facts.


Given the time circumstances of the crimes outside, often in near total darkness, keeping one eye out for the approach of others, and under extremely tight time constraintsthe Ripper almost certainly would have had some experience in using his knife.

The streets themselves had little lighting, so officers could see nothing except what fell under the light of their lanterns. It is generally accepted that he killed five, though some have written that he murdered only four while others say seven or more.

He was especially criticized for not offering a reward in the hope that a confederate or accomplice would come forth and inform against the Ripper.

Virtually all of the City of London Police files were lost in the Blitz during the last world war. The police could not predict who the next victim would be, especially when there were thousands of prostitutes in Whitechapel, the majority of them unrecorded.

Give your diagram a title: The Met Police was a relatively new organisation, and the Ripper murders were of a nature they had never encountered before.

Jack The Ripper

Annie Chapman was killed on 8 September. City police officers made crime scene drawings, took many photographs of the victim Eddowes, and even though she was not in their jurisdiction, they took photographs of the Kelly victim.

Transform your history classroom. Both Swanson and Anderson were officers who participated in the Ripper investigation; indeed, they were the ones given the responsibility of being in charge of the case.

Students analyse the gruesome "Dear Boss" letter to make deductions about Jack's character. Or, maybe, who were those people?

Pieces of Eddowes apron were found in the doorway of a building in Goulston Street. The simulation also asks a series of factual questions as it progresses and gives them a score at the end.

If the government had provided shelter, or even alternative employment, for vulnerable women, deaths like that of Polly Nichols, who needed money for a bed in a lodging house, could have been prevented.

November 29, at 3: Although the differences are great between the sources they do not contradict either, so source C does support some of the evidence in Sources A and B such as the use of violence towards the victims and the murder weapon. The Ripper seized the women by their throats and strangled them until they were unconscious if not dead.

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Do you need several ideas to start writing your Jack the Ripper coursework? Source C, albeit tenuously, can be interpreted to support this view.

The taking of a "trophy" is a common practice by modern sexual serial killers. It is believed that the rank and file of the two forces got along and worked well together, but there is evidence that the seniors in each force did not.The Jack The Ripper murders occurred between August 31st,and November 9th, Although we can't say for certain, it is widely believed that Jack the Ripper had 5 victims.

Those five victims were, Mary Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Kelly. This videoconference workshop is designed for those taking the Edexcel GCSE coursework option on Jack the Ripper.

‘Jack’ letter, 24 Sept • Studying history through a range of sources of information, such as written and visual sources. JACK THE RIPPER COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENTS GCSE HISTORY COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENTS Teacher Information Introduction: These assignments comprise sources, questions and mark schemes which will enable your pupils to fulfil the coursework requirements in history for Edexcel Foundation specifications for first examination in summer /5(4).

Between August and Novemberthe Whitechapel area of London was the scene of five brutal murders. He was rightly called Jack the Ripper.

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The ripper was an infamous serial killer. - Jack the Ripper Source Related In August a killer who became known as Jack the Ripper committed the first of a sequence of murders. - Jack the Ripper History Coursework 1. with crimes and how they were controlled and there was a vast amount of pressure on the police from different sources such as the general public, the press.

SOURCEWORK ASSESSMENT: JACK THE RIPPER AND THE WHITECHAPEL MURDERS SOURCE A: Part of an article from an East End newspaper describing the murders Does the evidence of Source C support the evidence in Sources A and B about the Ripper murders?

Explain your answer. [4] 5. Study Sources D and E.

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